Inside our Commitment to Sustainability & Ethical Sourcing

Inside our Commitment to Sustainability & Ethical Sourcing

As we get closer to relaunching our Sticker Club and new products, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share some behind the scenes on how we operate on a sustainable level. There is a lot to take in when making decisions and deciding how we want Cacti Oasis to grow.

Do we want to fall into the unethical ‘fast fashion’ cog for products or do we want to live our truth sustainably while producing creative and quality work? 

“Here at Cacti Oasis, do our best to create and produce in a sustainable way to lessen our carbon footprint. We do our best to source recyclable and compostable materials, even though it may cost more...

We’ve sourced suppliers who are also committed to eco-friendly solutions. For example, our protective sleeves are biodegradable. Our cards are printed on recycled card stock that can then be recycled…”

In our sustainability mission statement, we do just that. The materials we use for shipping and packaging are eco-friendly! Our clear sleeves are plant-based and compostable while our shipping material is recyclable. The companies we source for these materials are Ecoenclose and Clear Bags.

“In addition to conscious sourcing, we reuse packaging materials as much as possible giving them a second life to help bring you your package safely.

Our subscription-based products start with a 'made to order' process to reduce waste.

As we grow and expand, we continue to be mindful of our place on earth.”

When we receive packages, we save what we can, re-use and recycle what we don’t. We also try our best to source in the USA and from small businesses like Cat Print or Tanline Printing. If we source from bigger companies or out of country like The Foil Printing Co. (UK) or No Issue (UK/Global) we research the companies before we take the plunge, making sure they check off our values and belief boxes. We are currently in the research and quote phase with Gabacho Media, Your Stuff Made, and Sticker Ninja.

We also learned how to print quality products from home, including stickers and cards. This helps us with our subscription model. We want to provide people with our cute whimsical stationary while testing out new designs, but we don’t want to over stock on items. It helps with space, time, money, and waste.

As some of you know we have used Sticker Mule in the past. Unfortunately, we felt the need to cut ties. If you are reading this, you probably already know that we are a Latine and LGBTQA+ brand. We believe everyone should be treated with compassion, dignity and respect, no matter their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or immigration status. We strive to be anti-racist and support our fellow BIPOC community. We do not support companies that do not live up to a humanitarian first vision.

With that said, we will always be transparent with how we operate. Accountability is important for our growth and future of Cacti Oasis.

Thank you for being here and supporting our brand, mission, and vision.

Con fuerza,


Madre de Cacti Oasis


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