Propagation & Growth

Propagation & Growth

This month the theme we set out was to be ‘propagation.’ I created some illustrations relating to propagation but couldn’t find the time to follow through entirely. I was asked onto a big illustration project that took up most of my time this month. I assure you it was time well spent and can’t wait to share the outcome with you! As I continue to create for this gig, I am also spending time here and there, prepping for something big in June!

Like propagation, I am taking already created ­quality pieces of work that has potential for growth and adding it to its own jar of water to see if it will flourish and be ready for repotting into its own element with love and patience.

I’m too eager not to keep it from you so here are a few propagating ideas that I am extremely excited for:

  1. Kickstarter Crowdfunding project to launch my first full set of cacti enamel pins!
  2. Relaunching of the Snail Mail Club with a new sustainable plan
  3. New product for wholesale FAIRE Market in July
  4. Offering Bulk ‘Thank You’ cards and custom bulk items for weddings, bridal parties, showers, and business gifting.


I have always wanted to create more enamel pins, but I also wanted to make sure I was producing work that coincides with our values. Sustainably and ethically. These are also expensive values. Now that we have designs created and are currently working on mock photos, we will be able to launch our Kickstarter this June!


After much debate with how to run our snail mail clubs sustainably including avoidance of burnout, we have concluded that having a snail mail club is still in the works but will be modified. Our plan is to still offer three clubs to choose from with the same price and amount of product but this time including Cacti Oasis products via the element of surprise! We want to be able to give quality products on a timely manner along with offering items that guests would be the first to ever receive! A combination of Cacti Oasis Favorites and new never seen before items!


We are also currently in the works with collaborating with a Tucson Fave. This one I can’t tell you just yet, but we are hoping to have this specific item as our star this fall/holiday season. She’ll be ready first to wholesale retailers this July!


We are also adding a new website page this month including bulk pricing on larger orders. Say you love our ‘Thank you’ Saguaro card or one of our elegant cholla floral cards, but you also want to send them out to a large group. Let’s say 20 to even 100+ people. We can supply this for you! Do you want to add a custom note inside, so you don’t sprain your wrist writing out 100 cards? We can also do this for you! We offer bulk pricing and custom notes inside. Our official page will be up later this month but feel free to contact us at with any questions!


As we don’t have the exact propagation illustrations out for you just yet, here are a few sketches of what will potentially be turned into stickers!


We are motivated and appreciate your patience as we’ve been propagating our garden for you this year.


Sending lot’s of love and solidarity,



Madre de Cacti Oasis

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