We Made Top Shop on FAIRE! 🎉

We Made Top Shop on FAIRE! 🎉

We are so proud to say, we have made this quarter’s Top Shop on FAIRE’s Wholesale platform!

Faire is a Marketplace for independent makers for independent boutiques. Retailers can purchase from creatives and creatives can sell to retailers all in one place. This year we have been focusing more on our Faire online storefront. We currently sell to 11 locations in the US including AZ, UT, WI and MN! We hope to double our retailers by next year and continue to build strong relationships with our current cliental.

Our top shop qualifications include merchandising, orders, late shipments, ratings, cancelations, and missing items. We do our best to rate at 100% met great standing in all categories. This means we take time and effort to make sure we provide quality products and excellent service and are mindful that our orders are packed with care.

We started our wholesale business in the rawest form of verbal communication and a paper invoice. We then graduated to a digital line sheet and square invoice processing. Now we are currently working on our first catalog that also matches up with our FAIRE account. Our orders can also be made through us personally if retailers are not on FAIRE.

BIG shout out to Petroglyph’s Tucson and Pop-Cycle for being the first to sell Cacti Oasis and for pushing us to new heights. Community matters!

We put together a list of questions retailers might have when shopping wholesale with us. Take a look!

What are your minimum order quantities (MOQs)?

Our minimum order amount is $150 with a reorder min. amount of $125. We strive to be flexible to accommodate both small and large orders. We can also design custom material just for your shop. Please contact us hola@cactioasis.com to discuss your specific needs.

Can I get samples before placing a wholesale order?

Yes, we understand the importance of evaluating quality before committing to a larger order. We offer sample kits or individual samples upon request. Reach out to us, and we'll be happy to arrange samples for you.

How competitive are your wholesale prices compared to other suppliers?

We work hard to offer competitive pricing while maintaining high standards of quality and customer service. Our pricing reflects our commitment to delivering value and reliability. Contact us for a quote tailored to your volume and customization needs.

How quickly can you fulfill wholesale orders?

Our fulfillment times depend on the order volume and complexity. We aim to fulfill orders promptly while ensuring every detail meets your expectations. Contact us to discuss your timeline, and we'll work to accommodate your needs. Orders on Faire range from 1-2 weeks. We admit sometimes we can get orders out in under a week!

What is your return and exchange policy for wholesale orders?

We have a clear return and exchange policy designed to ensure your satisfaction. If there are any issues with your order, please notify us within 30 days of receipt, and we'll work with you to find a solution promptly.

Do you provide marketing support or promotional materials for wholesale customers?

Yes, we can offer various marketing support options, including product images, descriptions, and occasionally promotional materials. We're here to help you promote our products effectively and enhance your sales efforts.

How can I place a wholesale order with your company?

Placing a wholesale order is easy especially through FAIRE. You can contact us directly via email to discuss your needs and receive personalized assistance if needed. We'll guide you through the ordering process step by step.

What payment methods do you accept for wholesale orders?

We accept several payment methods, including credit cards, bank transfers, and occasionally offer terms for established customers like NET 30/NET 60. Our goal is to provide convenient payment options that suit your business preferences.

How can I track my wholesale order once it's been placed?

Once your order is processed, we'll provide you with tracking information so you can monitor its progress. We are also available to assist you with any questions or concerns regarding your shipment.

We hope that by addressing these questions and concerns, we can provide clarity and instill confidence in making this process worth your while. We not only appreciate your business but hope to build upon the community we are a part of.

Check out our wholesale page here: Cacti Oasis Wholesale. You can also reach us at hola@cactioasis.com

Retailers, we hope to hear from you soon! If you’re not a retailer but know a store or two that you think we’d be perfect for, please share this blog. Word of mouth is truly how we grow.

With all the stationery love,

Adela, Madre de Cacti Oasis


A few quick noteworthy fun facts:

5 Star Reviewed (5.0)

Brand Values: Eco-Friendly, Not on Amazon, Woman Owned, LGBTQ+ Owned, Latine Owned.

Established in 2016 | Originally created in Tucson, AZ

Based in Brooklyn, NY | Ships from NYC | Made in the USA

Min. Order Amount $150 | Reorder Min. Amount $125

Fulfillment time 7 days – 2 Weeks

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