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Staghorn Pink & Purple All Five Watercolor Art Prints

Staghorn Pink & Purple All Five Watercolor Art Prints

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Collect all five watercolor & pencil art print from "BLOSSOMING | A Low-Key Informal Online Gallery Show"

All Five Designs:

"Staghorn Cholla Pink & Purple I" 2020, watercolor & pencil
"Staghorn Cholla Pink & Purple II" 2020, watercolor & pencil
"Staghorn Cholla Pink & Purple III" 2020, watercolor & pencil
"Staghorn Cholla Pink & Purple IV" 2020, watercolor & pencil
"Staghorn Cholla Pink & Purple V" 2020, watercolor & pencil

Art Print Details:

  • Size:   5" x 5"
  • Signed by the artist
  • Printed in smooth cotton card stock
  • Ships in an eco-friendly protective sleeve with a sturdy recyclable cardboard backing
  • Frame not included

Created with love | Made in the USA | Latina Made | Artwork by 2023 Cacti Oasis© All Rights Reserved

Artist Note on Original Artwork:

"At the beginning of 2020 I created a theme: “Create more. Explore more.” In June of 2019, after my move to NYC and working full time as a server at a LES (Lower East Side) restaurant, I realized that I didn’t give myself enough time to create or even explore NYC as much as I would have liked. Shortly after creating the theme, NYC went into lock down and I was laid off from my day job. The silver-lining was having the privilege of time and space to create more. With quarantine in place I wasn’t able to explore NYC like I had intended but I was able to explore my craft more. The first few months was dedicated to just that. The work presented is a small portion of what was created in lock down, with a few exceptions. At the time, with this collection, I had internal arguments of trying to find my voice and style while seeking constructive criticism from peers. I remember being so critical of my work, technique and voice. There was comfort in solitude at the time and yet pandemic induced anxiety on the border of depression slipped through every other week. Seeking help form peers helped me feel less alone while giving me something to focus on with my work. More work was created shortly after and will someday be presented in the future but with this collection, revisiting today in 2021, I can’t help but see style and voice that is my own. I can feel myself blossoming through my work, my path as an illustrator, my sobriety and through the relationships I cherish deeply." -Adela Antoinette

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