Hibernation, Reflection & Rejuvenation

Hibernation, Reflection & Rejuvenation

As you may have noticed we have intentionally taken a step back the last two months. This allowed us to hibernate, reflect and find some rejuvenation.

January can sometimes become overwhelming very quickly. Resolutions and goals are made for the year. Some of us are able to follow through easily. Others may have a successful start but quickly realize these although motivating at first aren’t sustainable for the rest of the year.

February comes with connection in mind. Before you know it the spring buds are forming in March and we realize the last few months didn’t go as we intended when we first crafted it at the beginning of the year.

I personally be an overachiever and perfectionist. I recognize this every year and every year I try to lower my unnecessarily ridiculously high bar and plan less. I learn hard lessons of over scheduling, saying yes to everything and not setting boundaries for myself. I do have to admit that each year I am seeing change happen. I say no, ask for help, and mindfully schedule giving space for life to happen.

This winter, hibernation gave us (Jared & I) time and space to rest. Reflection allowed us to regroup on what we want for Cacti Oasis and where we see the brand going. We miss being creative and also wanted to see new work come out this year. Providing time to step back has made us feel rejuvenated and excited for what’s to come.

Thoughts & Take-aways:

  • Rest is super important – breaks from social media, setting notifications to “do not disturb,” allowing yourself time to sleep a solid chunk of time.

  • Reflecting on the previous year helps us figure out where we can grow, do better but also appreciate what worked and what to carry over into the new year.

  • Rejuvenation can take many forms, it can be learning ways to set boundaries, taking a 5min breather, stretching, giving space to process stuck emotions, slightly adjusting nutrition intake or simply tending to plants.

As we slowly make my way out of this New York depression weather, we hope that you are able to continue with us in our journey this year!  We look forward to bring our Snail Mail Clubs back soon with new content along with added new services and a possible new product launch this fall. Keep an eye out on some NYC botanical themes along with our cacti favorites that always bring us joy.

Lots of blooms to come,


Madre de Cacti Oasis

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