Who We Are

Cacti Oasis is a Latina-owned stationery and lifestyle brand for la gente who practice the joy of building meaningful relationships with themselves and others through craft therapy, mementos, and snail mail.

What we do

Our mission is to plant seeds of thoughtfulness through expression, connection and belonging and in doing so, we hope to help others replenish relationships motivated by healing, growth, appreciation and community. 

We offer thoughtful, quality, eco-conscious paper goods, subscription-based products, and stationery items with the intent to encourage intentional gift giving and gratitude.

As a stationery brand we strive to create and produce in a sustainable way to lessen our carbon footprint. We do our best to source recyclable and compostable materials. As we grow and expand, we continue to be mindful of our place on earth.

Our place in the world

At Cacti Oasis we believe everyone should be treated with compassion, dignity and respect, no matter their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or immigration status. We strive to be anti-racist and support our fellow BIPOC community.

We believe love is love and gender is a construct. We advocate for mental health, universal healthcare, and reproductive rights. Vulnerability is courage, and empathy is a tool we practice daily. We believe authenticity matters, which is why we live our truths the best we know how. Con fuerza.

Our Story

Inspired by the beauty of southwest botany, illustrator Adela Antoinette, started Cacti Oasis with  whimsical illustrations of cacti & succulents from various areas of Tucson, AZ. Antoinette's botanical drawings are based on plants she has come across while hiking and taking strolls in the old pueblo. As she moved to New York she quickly realized her illustrations were a continuous loving reminder of home and continued her artsy obsession.

In 2020, a pandemic love story evolved. Antoinette reconnected with Tucson designer Jared Pinon and then Pinon moved to New York the following year. They now reside in Bushwick with their four legged boi, Blue with occasional visits to the Old Pueblo.

Cacti Oasis' rebrand wouldn't have been possible without the sweat, blood from paper cuts, and tears of Adela and Jared.

Our success wouldn't exist without the community's support. Forever Grateful."

Our Location

Cacti Oasis sprouted in 2016 in Tucson, Arizona. We made a little journey to Brooklyn, New York in 2019, but don't you worry, Tucson is still our cactus-filled second home for local partnerships and growth!